Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Book Signing with Eva Gerber - Feb. 5th, 2-4 pm

In her book Journey Through Alzheimer's, author and Christian counselor Eva Gerber encourages caregivers for those with the disease and offers practical steps to help through the different stages of Alzheimer's.
Born from her own experience with her mother's Alzheimer's and her observations as a counselor, Gerber discusses the stages of Alzheimer's and the diagnosis and treatment during them. Other topics in the book include practical suggestions for a successful doctor's visit and ten warning signs of the disease. Psychologist Dr. James Hagan and family practitioner Dr. Cathy Bishop also offer their knowledge of Alzheimer's.
Eva's passion is ministering to caregivers. She travels throughout the United States and is a trained member of the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team and the American Ssociation of Christian Counselors.
"Caregivers are the vessels that keep pouring out into the life of the patient, as well as trying to maintain healthy relationships with others close to them. It is important to refill our vessel, not only physically, but spiritually, as well," says Gerber.
Eva is a former student of Ohio University and Columbus College of Art & Design. She owns and operates an interior design consulting firm and is also a retired owner and operator of Gerber construction.
You can purchase your copy of Journey Through Alzheimer's at the book signing.