Friday, April 9, 2010

2010 Ohioana Book Award Finalists

It is my pleasure to announce the 2010 Ohioana Book Award finalists. All of the authors of the following books were born in Ohio or have lived in Ohio for at least five years. All books carry a copyright date of 2008 or 2009 and were received by Ohioana during 2009. No book may be considered more that once for an Ohioana Book Award. For more information, visit the Ohioana website or visit them on Facebook.

2010 Ohioana Book Award Finalists


The Weight of Heaven, by Thrity Umrigar (Harper Collins – 2009)

Await Your Reply, by Dan Chaon (Ballantine Books – 2009)

All the Living, by C.E. Morgan (Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux – 2009)

Far Bright Star, by Robert Olmstead (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill – 2009)

The Spire, by Richard North Patterson (Henry Holt – 2009)


Last of His Mind, by John Thorndike (Swallow Press – 2009)

Sweet Thunder, by Will Haygood (Knopf – 2009)

Wilderness Warrior, by Douglas Brinkley (Harper Collins – 2009)

Conservationist Manifesto, by Scott Russell Sanders (Indiana University Press – 2009)

When Everything Changed, by Gail Collins (Little, Brown & Company – 2009)

About Ohio

Wild Ohio, by Jim McCormac (Kent State University Press – 2009)

The Harding Affair, by James Robenalt (Palgrave Macmillan – 2009)

Canal Fever, by Lynn Metzger and Peg Bobel (Kent State University Press – 2009)

Passion for the Land, by Daniel Nelson (Kent State University Press – 2009)


Sweethearts of Rhythm, by Marilyn Nelson (Dial – 2009)

Cuckoo’s Haiku, by Michael J. Rosen (Candlewick – 2009)

Unfinished Angel, by Sharon Creech (Harper Collins – 2009)

Imperfections, by Lynda Durrant (Clarion – 2008)

Little Mouse Gets Ready, by Jeff Smith (RAW Junior – 2009)

Say the Word, by Jeannine Garsee (Bloomsbury – 2009)


Sonata Mulattica, by Rita Dove (WW Norton and Company – 2009)

Bright Felon, by Kazim Ali (Wesleyan – 2009)

Never-Ending Birds, by David Baker (WW Norton and Company – 2009)

Evidence, by Mary Oliver (Beacon Press – 2009)

Trust, by Liz Waldner (Cleveland State University Poetry Center – 2009)