Thursday, November 1, 2007

Children's Fall Party at Western

We had our Children's Fall Storytime Party on Monday evening at the Western Branch Library.

Everyone had a blast! Parents were literally wrapped up in the games, as the children were separated into two teams, with a parent leading each team. First, we played "pin the nose on the pumpkin," which everyone played like a pro. Everyone was a winner!

There was another game where the children were given five pumpkin seeds each and had their choice of tossing or spitting (yes spitting) their seeds into a pumpkin. And you might be able to guess which one they preferred. The one with the most seeds into the pumpkin was the winner. Parents loved this game as well as the children.

The children also enjoyed the last game of the day, "eating worms." We put a gummy worm into the bottom of a bowl and covered it with a thin layer of chocolate pudding. The first one to fish out the gummy worm with their teeth and eat it was the winner. The children and parents both left the library with big smiles and lots of laughter. "Thank You" to everyone who took part in putting it all together and ensuring that everything went so smoothly.